Dear AEG: Leave the Chargers in San Diego

By ChargerGirl Cindi

Now that California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a new law essentially offering the state’s approval of the proposed Farmers Field NFL stadium project, developer AEG now just needs a team.

AEG is talking with five teams:  San Diego Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars.  If you believe what it being posted on the news sites or listen to folks who want to upset me, it’s sounding like it’s either the Chargers or the Raiders.  Both of those teams were previously in LA.  LA didn’t support them before, why now?  Of course, as a Chargers fan for the last, well forty-something years, I refuse to believe any of the hype.  The Spanos family would not do that to us, right?

Philip Anschutz (the billionaire owner of AEG) is apparently bargaining hard with the Chargers and the deal may be close to happening. I read on Yahoo this morning that it’s down to the percentage of the team the Spanos family is willing sell and of course for how much. AEG apparently wants to buy a 49 percent share of the team, while the family wants to retain more than the 51 percent that would leave them.  I’m not sure what the deal is with the Raiders, but is has to be less.  Oakland can’t support the team (Again).

Currently, The Chargers play in the aging Qualcomm Stadium, aka “The Murph”.  I understand that NFL teams make less revenue in older stadiums, and other teams make huge revenue from luxury boxes, premium seats, non-game fun zones and other things old facilities lack.  But a San Diego upgrade or new location is in the mix due to the same law.  The Spanos family needs to explore all options here first before even talking to AEG, it’s just rude to consider any LA options.

The Chargers’ current lease allows them to leave by paying a termination fee, they must make their announcement between Feb. 1 and May 1 or else wait until next year.

This whole thing is making me nauseous.  Chargers in LA?  NO WAY!

ChargerGirl Cindi