How Would You Replace Bob Sanders?

By Ernie Padaon

Mr. Glass

With Mr. Glass going onto the IR yesterday, it’s time to look at the options that we have at safety. Steve Gregory will likely be the fix, but it doesn’t stop the fans with coming up with solutions of their own.

Here are some of the options I have heard:

Quentin Jammer move to safetyIs it time to make this transition now? Jammer has the skill set to be a good safety in this league and his replacement at corner, Marcus Gilchrist, is already on the team. This isn’t usually a transition that you make in the middle of the season, but Jammer is a smart player and might be able to learn on the job.

Steve GregoryHe was the starter last year and did a decent job. He also was suspended last year for PEDs and somehow stayed away from the wrath of AJ Smith. He is better at coverage than Mr. Glass, but he will not bring the run support or the BOOM like Mr. Glass could have. He is probably our best option right now, but some fans just want to see something new.

Darrell StuckeyShould we let the kid play? How much worse could he be than Gregory? Doesn’t he have potential? He played well in the preseason and was hyped a lot last season. Maybe we let him get in the game and see what he can do for us. He will make some mistakes out there, but he might be able to add something new to the defense.

Darren SharperThe wily vet is available in free agency, but he is running on fumes. He would add veteran leadership and Super Bowl experience to the team though. He also is a ball-hawk and finds ways to get after the ball. I just don’t know how much he has left in the tank. His wheels are running slower now and he might not be able to last the whole season.

What do you all want to see?