Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

Good morning all!! I think I finally got over that UGLY win and am starting to move onto the next opponent. I THINK! I don’t like any of the news that is coming out for this Antonio Gates thing, but we will keep our eyes posted to see what happens to him and what the “experts” say about his foot issues. Hopefully the expert is a Chargers fan! I will predict that we sign Travis Johnson today also for more depth on the defensive line. Who gets the ax though?

Anyway, enjoy your dump:

Yes, they are 2-1. Still, the Bolts know they have a lot to improve on, especially after letting the winless Kansas City Chiefs hang around into the 60th minute on Sunday. The Chargers, who were 15-point favorites, held on to win 20-17 after Eric Weddle intercepted Matt Cassel at midfield with 55 seconds left.

Chargers tight end Antonio Gates is wondering why his right foot it still bothering him to the extent he could not play this past Sunday, so he is seeing a specialist on Tuesday to rule out the possibility he is doing further damage by trying to play.

Even if Gates says his future is only a matter of how he will get back to full strength and not if, any concern has merit, if only because of who it is about and what he has meant to the Chargers. To even be contemplating such a question is a compliment to him.

SAN DIEGO — Chargers defensive end Jacques Cesaire will be out at least two games with a knee strain suffered in the third quarter of Sunday’s game against Kansas City. He’ll be evaluated during the bye week (Oct. 16) to see if a return is plausible.

“I don’t know anything about that,” he said. “I’m getting ready for the San Diego Chargers.”

SAN DIEGO —- The Chargers turnover totals through three games aren’t that different than a year ago, when the sky was falling at September’s end. The Chargers have an extra win and a much-improved special teams unit to lessen the blow.