An Outbreak of Fake Injuries

By Ernie Padaon

All of a sudden the NFL is turning into a soccer match. In order to slow the other team down, players have to lie on the floor and ACT as if they are hurting in order to get an injury time out. Check out what the Giants did on Monday Night Football against the Rams:

In the game against the Patriots, Tom Brady was getting a little hot under the collar when Shaun Phillips went down with an injury during the Patriots no-huddle offense. Phillips was back out on the field a few plays later and didn’t seem to have any issues.

Here is what Bill Belichick said about the situation:

It’s not anything we have control over. “e just try to do what we can to execute plays when we have an opportunity to do so the best we can. … I think we all see, the way the game is now, there are different breaks in the game at all points in time. You can have the momentum, and positive things going in your favor, and we stop and review a play, review a score, or a play gets challenged, or a player gets injured, a beach ball rolls on to the field. It could be a dog runs out there. Anything. Streakers, we’ve had that. You just have to play through the situation, whatever comes up, deal with it on both sides of the ball, home and the road. It’s just part of the game. I think if you want to address that whole issue, that’s something that needs to go to the people who make the rules.

If Norv needs someone to help slow down the no-huddle, I will gladly volunteer to throw beach balls out on the field or go streaking. I can bring my dog out to the game too and we can slow down that no huddle. Whatever it takes to win the ballgame! LETS GET IT DONE!