Give Ryan Mathews the Ball!

By Ernie Padaon

How do you like the PUNISHMENT that Ryan Mathews laid on the Patriots defensive back, Kyle Arrington, in the 4th quarter of the game! He knocked him the BEEP out!!! Then, he stands over Arrington LIKE A BOSS! Sure he should have just walked out of bounds, but what fin would that have been?

Anyway, I got off track just because I wanted to see that play again!

Why were we NOT playing the hot hand in the game Sunday!? Ryan Mathews was the better running back on Sunday and was splitting all the carries with Mike Tolbert. This has nothing to do with the Tolbert fumble, but more about the way Mathews was running. Mathews had more confidence and a little more swagger in his step. His speed around the edge and into the second level was the difference between the two in the game.

Mathews has a 5.3 average in the game and looked really comfortable on those draw plays. He routinely got into the second level when we ran the draw. When a hit was coming, he would lower the BOOM on the defender and take the extra 2-3 yards after the hit. He made plays in the running attack and made plays in the passing attack, but he still was sharing carries with Big Mike who ran the ball 9 times for 10 yards.


When Ryan gets the ball in his hands, he has the ability take it to the house on every play. He had trouble with fumbles last year, but that was LAST YEAR! Can we just let the kid play! He is running with a different attitude this year and should be getting the rock!