Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

SAN DIEGO — Losing to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots is one thing. Doing it the way the San Diego Chargers did is another.

1) The Chargers offense had an 83% third down conversion rate in the game, a significant drop-off in performance for the Patriots from that in Miami in the season opener. One of these ten third down conversions came early in the third quarter, on a Chargers’ third-and-2. The Patriots were in their 3-3-5 nickel package, with LBs Rob Ninkovich and Dane Fletcher blitzing, creating a five-man rush that did not generate any pressure against the Chargers’ six-man, shotgun protection. On the strong side of the field, CBs Devin McCourty and Leigh Bodden were in zones against three opposing receivers, including WR Vincent Jackson on an underneath ‘dig’ pattern. LB Jerod Mayo was in a deep Tampa-2 style middle zone, allowing Jackson plenty of room across the middle to make the catch and the first down conversion.

We’ve got some video of Patriots safety Sergio Brown who is thankful for the opportunity to play a larger role in the defensive backfield this season.

They ran out of players, ran out of options, ran out of defense, ran out of miracles, in this loss to the New England Patriots. We won’t need any catchy phrases to describe this nightmare in New England.

Antonio Gates was missing in action for the San Diego Chargers against arguably the best team in the NFL, the New England Patriots, on Sunday.

Of all the NFL teams that might move to Los Angeles, I think the San Diego Chargers are the most likely to move here. The team plays in an older stadium and has not been able to make a deal to build a new local stadium, despite numerous attempts in many local areas. Even the newest proposal for a stadium right in downtown San Diego is meeting resistance and is just too far away (2018) to compete with lucrative offers by aggressive developers trying to secure a team to build their stadiums.

The Chargers have asked their architects to produce an $800 million stadium plan that would include convention space and eliminate the need for a $550 million expansion to the San Diego Convention Center now being prepared.

FOXBOROUGH – Patriots quarterback Tom Brady yesterday had some harsh words for his former teammates who took to the airwaves last week to criticize his current teammate, receiver Chad Ochocinco.