Lingering Questions After the Charger Loss

By Ernie Padaon

There are some lingering questions that we need answered about our Chargers. Here is my list:

1. How many Chargers fans jumped off the bandwagon after the beating we took in New England?

2. Why did we pay Eric Weddle that money again?

3. Why do fans jump on the FIRE NORV train as soon as someone messes up? He didn’t fumble the ball or throw the interceptions

4. When will Ryan Mathews learn how to pass block so that he can take over all the carries?

5. Is Antonio Gates running on his last legs? How much longer can we expect him to be elite?

6. Who would win in a race: Vince Wilfork or Philip Rivers?

7. Will Patrick Crayton finally take first team snaps this week?

8. Are we over the Bryan Walters HYPE yet?

9. Remember when I kept saying Antwan Barnes would be a factor? I was wrong

10. Why does Greg Manusky think a 3-man rush is a good idea?

11. Can we lock up Vincent Jackson to a long term contract?

12. Will we be able to lift the BLACKOUT on Sunday so that we can witness the KILLING of the Kansas City Chiefs?

What lingering questions do you have after that loss?