Chargers vs Patrtiots: Hot ‘N Cold

By Ernie Padaon

I don’t even know if I want to go over the COLDs of this game. The game was just a HOT MESS! I guess I will do it anyway. Here are the Hot ‘N Colds of the Week 2 thrashing:


Vincent JacksonCan we pay this man already!? Lock him up to a long term contract and keep him playing in a San Diego Charger uniform for years an years! 10 catches, 172 yards and 2 touchdowns for the man!

Ryan MathewsHe looked good when he got the ball in his hands. He had a 5.3 average on the ground, BUT he was only given 12 chances to rush the ball. He also had 7 catches for 62 yards. We should have played the hot hand and kept feeding the kid the rock!


Mike TolbertI can’t even look at the guy right now without getting frustrated! Why did he run backward? Terrible turnover at a crucial point in the game! Where was the VULTURE to take the TD when we needed?

Philip RiversHe hasn’t been sharp in this early season. 3 turnovers in the game yesterday and a couple of interceptions last week. We need him to sharpen up and get the Bolts an early lead!

Eric WeddleHe led the team in tackles with 11. I didn’t know that you get tackles when you are hitting someone in the end zone (you don’t). It is bad when most of those tackles were after 10-15 yard gains.

Greg ManuskyA 3-man rush? Really?!? Apparently his solution to the no-huddle offense was for his players to cramp up and ask for an injury timeout. It never felt like the New England offense was EVER in trouble during the game.

Bryan WaltersHe had a big opportunity to make a name for himself after Malcom Floyd went down early, BUT do you remember anything that he did in the game? I remember him getting blasted on his punt return. He finished the game with 1 catch for 6 yards!