Chargers Locker Room: Antonio Gates Just Wants to Have Fun

By Ernie Padaon

Antonio Gates: Did he just say, “The biggest part about it is that you go out and have FUN“!?!??! NO, ANTONIO! I go out and have fun playing football because I don’t get paid to play this game. This is your job and your job is to WIN football games. How much fun did you have against the Patriots with ZERO catches? That “FUN” talk is a little annoying from one of the leaders of the team!

Vincent Jackson: Who was interviewing him? Didn’t that microphone look like it came from the 80s? That looks like a KARAOKE mic!

Mike Tolbert: I can’t even look at him right now!

Takeo Spikes: He is always intense and FIRED up! Love this addition to the team and he will change some of these FUN attitudes!

Everybody is saying it: FOUR turnovers and still in the ballgame!

Yo Vincent, grab that Karaoke mic and pass it to Gates and let’s all sing this together: