Bryan Walters Getting First Team Reps Over Patrick Crayton

By Ernie Padaon

I like Bryan Walters, I really do…. but how is this guy stealing snaps from Patrick Crayton? Walters went from a preseason sensation that barely snuck his way onto the roster to a guy that is stealing first team snaps:

As good as Walters has been, he still is not the polished receiver that Patrick Crayton is. I still remember Crayton’s explosive play against Denver in which he busted his wrist and ended his season. Walters has not shown he can do that in a regular season game yet.

If Bryan Walters joins the first team, he needs to show that he can produce against first-team players. We already know Patrick Crayton can!

Is Crayton still hurting or is he falling out of favor like he did in Dallas?