Chargers vs Patriots: Why the Bolts Will WIn

By Ernie Padaon

Yesterday, I posted reasons on why we could lose against the Patriots, but today’s post will look at the game in a more positive note. Here are the reasons on which the Bolts will win:

Did you see what Chad Henne did?Chad Henne threw for over 400 yards in the game against the Patriots on Monday Night and he only has Brandon Marshall at his disposal. Philip Rivers is on a different planet in comparison to Henne and Rivers has more weapons to choose from.  If Henne can go for 400+, then Rivers can go for…Antonio GatesEveryone is talking about how good the tight ends are for the Patriots, we have the best tight end in the league! The Patriots will not have an answer for Gates. If they miraculously find a way to slow him down, then they will get burned by the other guys on the offense.

No possible way the Patriots get crazy lucky againLast time we played the Patriots, we were a MESS and still only lost by 3 points! Richard Goodman caught a big pass for a first down and just laid the ball on the floor for the Patriots to pickup. We threw a “lateral” pass to Jacob Hester that was incomplete and sat on the floor for 30 minutes before the Patriots ran over and scooped it up for another turnover. Those game-changing plays will not happen again on Sunday.

Vincent JacksonHe was quiet last week because the Vikings were taking away anything deep. He still almost burned the Vikings secondary with a deep touchdown, but the throw was just out of his reach. You can’t keep VJ silent that long! If the Patriots try and takeaway Gates, then VJ will be making plays deep in the secondary.

Antwan Barnes and Shaun PhillipsThe best way to beat the Patriots is by pressuring Tom Brady and making him uncomfortable in the pocket.  That is what both of these linebackers do best! Antwan Barnes was able to hit Brady a few times last season and we should expect to see it again. Corey Liuget, Vaughn Martin and Antonio Garay want to get in on that action as well and they all can crush that pocket.