Week 2: Chargers Need to Be Prepared to Face A Different Beast

By Ernie Padaon

Last week, we faced against the best running back in the league. We put that game in the win column!

AND this week, we will face the best quarterback in the league. Let’s see what we can do to throw him off track.In week 1, Donovan McNabb only threw 15 passes in the game for 39 yards. Tom Brady threw more passes than that by the half and finished with 48 attempts and 517 yards. It is going to be a different gameplan for us!

It will be a high flying battle and the Patriots will put a lot of pressure on our corners to make plays. Antoine Cason and Quentin Jammer will have to slow their receivers down, but more pressure will be placed on the linebackers and safeties.  The Patriots move the ball down the field by dinking and dunking the ball to Danny Woodhead and their tight ends. They try to kill teams with the short passing game.

I expect Antwan Barnes to see plenty of action in this game! This is the kind of game he lives for! The Patriots will be dropping back for passes often and Barnes’ specialty is chasing after the quarterback. Last year when we faced the Patriots, Barnes was in the backfield a lot and was forcing Brady to throw quickly. I expect the same from Barnes and expect the defensive line to be chasing after Brady also.

Time to throw Brady and the Patriots off of their game!