Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

It wasn’t the prettiest way to win a game, but overall the Chargers performed decently from a fantasy standpoint.

Kaeding is believed to have torn his anterior cruciate ligament. Coach Norv Turner said only that the kicker tore ligaments and would have surgery. Kaeding was hurt trying to tackle Minnesota’s Percy Harvin, who returned the opening kickoff 103 yards for a touchdown on Sunday.

Norv Turner may be the most uncontroversial controversial football coach in history. And yet so much has been written, said, tweeted, blogged, graffitied, tattooed and skywritten about him, it’s easy to believe our X-ray vision has missed some deep, dark hole inside of The Norv.

3.  Chargers (No. 3; 1-0):  An ugly win in September is one of the prettiest things this slow-starting team has seen in years.

Ah, the dangers of supporting one’s team on the road. Here we have a loud-mouthed Minnesota Vikings fan not endearing himself to the people around him. In comes big tough guy with a terrible mustache and a Vincent Jackson uniform to shut him up.