Chargers Game: Hot ‘N Cold

By Ernie Padaon

Here are the Katy Perry’s for this week’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. We pulled out the victory, but it was a big struggle in that first half.


Mike TolbertThe Human Dancing Machine! Tolbert found his way into the end zone THREE times and gets the hat trick. He is the goal line back and was able to get his job done!

DefenseThe defense held Adrian Peterson under 100 yards and held the Vikings to 28 passing yards. Takeo Spikes led the team with 11 tackles and Bob Sanders was a play maker. Shaun Phillips and Antonio Garay constantly were in the backfield molesting Donovan McNabb. It was a good day for the defense!

Mike ScifresCalled in as the emergency kicker and SHINED! He put kickoffs deep in the end zone for touchbacks, nailed the extra points and drilled a 40-yard field goal. It was fun to see him step up and excel in those circumstances.


Nate KaedingIn for only one play of the game and hurt his ACL making a poor attempt to try and get in front of Percy Harvin. It doesn’t look good for his chances to return this season, but our chances at making a playoff field goal just went up.

Philip RiversHe wasn’t the dominant quarterback that we are used to, but he found a way to pull out the victory. He threw 2 picks in the game and missed Vincent Jackson on a bomb to the end zone. He should be up to his dominant self soon. Next week he will face Tom Brady in that shootout.

Special TeamsHow many people were reminded of the disaster last season after that opening play? The first thing out of my mouth was “Here we go again!” The special teams had a little trouble on punt coverage, but we pulled it all back together later in the game. Hopefully we are dramatically improved next week.