Around the AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs Look Terrible!

By Ernie Padaon

For the few people that thought that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to be better this year, just go and watch the replay of that Chief and Buffalo Bills game.

The Chiefs are still in the 3rd quarter as I write this, but you can already tell that they came into this season terribly unprepared. There was a lot of talk out of KC about the lack of preparation the team has had during the preseason and it is showing in week 1 of the season. Some of the KC fans, chose to ignore  the talk since it was just the preseason, but I am sure that those KC fans are starting to get worried.

The Chiefs are coming back to earth this season. We face the Chiefs in a couple of weeks and I hope that they are still unprepared and a mess. I don’t really seeing much changing from them this season.