One Year Anniversary at Bolt Beat

By Ernie Padaon

Today marks my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY here at Bolt Beat!!! It has been one fun year,  I took over this site and it was DEAD. I would put up a poll and there would be around 20 people that would respond to that thing. Worst part is that I knew about 18 of those 20 people that answered.

Things are definitely moving now and I just want to keep expanding this thing bigger and bigger. I’ll keep doing my best to bring in good writers (hit me up if you think you can be a good writer) and keep content flowing. I made it through our miserable season last year and made it through the lock out this offseason and now hope that this will be our year to make it to the Super Bowl!

I hope I can make this next year even BIGGER than last! LETS GO BOLTS!!!