Will the Chargers Start Slow Again?

By Ernie Padaon

Here is our focus AGAIN: How do we react out of the starting blocks? Will we jump out to a fast start or do we stumble to another 2-3 record?

The preseason showed that we have one of the best passing offenses in the league and we will be able to move the ball up and down the field. It also showed that the run defense is questionable AKA HORRIBLE.

So, how will we start?

Here is the opponents that we have in the first 5 games of the season, right before our BYE week:Minnesota VikingsOur run defense will have to start up against the best with Adrian Peterson coming to town. You remember what he did last time to us, right? He can’t possibly do that again, could he? The defense better show up to this game OR we will start out the season with a loss and then heading out to Foxboro.

At New England PatriotsGames against the Pats are never easy BUT always exciting. At least it is early in the season the weather should be OK. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick LOVE this matchup! This will be a tough game to pull off in their house.

Kansas City ChiefsOur first chance at the defending AFC West champs (hate calling them that). They are in our house and we want that title back! Time to make a statement and show them that we are taking it back! We will have to slow down Jamaal Charles in this game and force Matt Cassel to beat us.

Miami DolphinsReggie Bush comes to his hometown and shows off his new starting job (if he still has it by this game). We should be able to add to our win column in this game.

At Denver BroncosWill Tim Tebow be the starter by this game? Or will he even be on the team by this time? Kyle Orton and crew will try to knock us off our blocks, but we need to prove to the rest of the AFC West that we are not messing around this year.

The first 2 games look to be toughest in this cluster. Getting a win in one of those games should get us to a 4-1 record at the BYE week. SHOULD!!!! If we trip up on those first 2 games, fans will jump overboard and the FIRE NORV chants will come alive! I am getting NORVOUS already. Start fast, end fast, play fast!

What is your projection for the first 5 games?