Will the Chargers Be Ready To Face Adrian Peterson and the Vikings

By Ernie Padaon

Remember the last time that we faced against Adrian Peterson? If you don’t, watch this video of his record-setting day (sorry for the terrible quality):


He tore up our defense and kept breaking off long runs on us. That was back in the day when we had a pretty good run defense. The hometown crowds used to chant “You Can’t Run!” with those group of players on defense.

Now we have a defense that struggled to stop Michael Bush, Jamaal Charles and Steven Jackson last year. We have a defense that looked pretty bad in the preseason against Felix Jones, Beanie Wells and some random dude wearing a San Franciso Jersey. Takeo Spikes and Bob Sanders were brought to the team in order to bring a physical presence to the defense. Greg Manusky was brought over to bring an aggressive attitude on defense. Now we will see what we have!

Week 1 will be a HUGE test and set the stage for the season. If AP tears a new butthole into our defense, then the rest of the league will take notes and look to do the same thing against us. We need to make sure that we make our tackles when we get to AP and don’t allow him to break free. We need to stack the line of scrimmage and fill in the gaps. Let’s force Donovan McNabb and their receivers to beat us.

Will we be able to slow down AP? WE BETTER!!