Tolzien and Baxter Find New Homes

By Ernie Padaon

Two prospects that the Chargers were hoping to sneak over to the practice squad were picked up by other teams this morning.

QB Scott Tolzien was picked up the San Fracisco 49ers and will be part of the mess they have at the quarterback situation. The Niners must have liked what they saw out of him in the final game of the preseason. I wonder how long it will be till the San Fran are asking for Tolzien to be the starter out there. They already HATE Alex Smith and the rookie QB that they brought in was not very impressive against us in that preseason game.

C Colin Baxter was picked up by the Jets. It wouldn’t be a true offseason without the Jets picking up someone from our roster. I think that they just like to have a little insight on our team. We were hoping to put Baxter on the practice squad, but unfortunately we weren’t able to sneak him on there.