Still Diggin up Info on New Chargers LB Na’il Diggs

By Ernie Padaon

I just wanted to get a little bit more info on our newest linebacker from some fans that have seen the most of him. Here is some reports from the Rams and Packers bloggers from FanSided:

Diggs is a good team guy who started 12 games for us last season. He has lost a step since his younger days but he is a smart, tough player who will work hard and be a class act. You guys are lucky to have him. – Justin Stine of Ramblin’ Fan

Diggs played six solid years in Green Bay. He was a good, not great player over that span. He left in free agency, though not positive about that … he may have been cut. You might have to double check that.

It’s been nearly six or seven years since he has played in Green Bay, but everytime I saw him playing with other teams he always showed up. He played hard. He’s got to be nearing the end of his career though … 12 years in the NFL as a linebacker is a lifetime. – Ray Rivard of Lombardi Ave

It sounds like we have another Stephen Cooper on our hand! That definitely is not a bad thing and at least Diggs has both of his arms. I hope this pushes Donald Butler to make more plays and helps him out OR that Diggs just takes over the position.