New Chargers LB Diggs Could Push For Starting Role

By Ernie Padaon

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The middle linebacker depth was really YOUNG and now we have added Na’il Diggs and it looks like we are keeping Stephen Cooper around as well. The defense struggled in the preseason against the run and there were some mistakes made by redshirt rookie Donald Butler.

Butler is still getting his feet wet in the league and will make some mistakes. It probably would be best to ease him into a starting role instead of throwing him right into the fire. This is where Na’il Diggs comes into play. Diggs has been a starter in this league for 11 years and can mentor both Jonas Mouton and Butler while playing a quality linebacker for us.

The defense just added much needed depth in the middle and we could see Takeo Spikes and Na’il Diggs starting in the middle soon. Diggs will need some time to adjust and learn the playbook, but he could be seeing a lot of snaps soon.