Around The AFC West: Kansas City Fans are Worried

By Ernie Padaon

I was sneaking a peek over at the Arrowhead Addict and checking over their latest post on what they have done in the preseason. Check out this excerpt:

Once again, we played our starters almost the entire game.  And we lost.  If the insanity of that doesn’t strike you in the face like a Louisville Slugger, you’re either high or a homer.

It’s a damn near shocking development, but at the very least it gave us the clearest window we’re going to have to preview what we have in store for 2011.  And at this point, it’s not pretty.  The team is out of shape, out of focus, and out of sync.  This isn’t a problem that the preseason could solve — matter of fact, with Haley’s roster patchwork all month, I think we may have exacerbated them.  It’s going to take multiple weeks into the season for us to make these parts a whole.  In the mean time, San Diego is in midseason form.

Are you smiling? It sure makes me smile to see their troubles and that they are falling back to the planet earth.

Out of shape, out of sync and out of focus! We get to face them early also!!! Week 3, IT’S ON!!! Taking back this AFC WEST title!