Saving Private Bryan Walters

By Ernie Padaon

Just in case you missed the Q&A with

Matt Damon

Bryan Walters on, I made sure to get the hard hitting question out to him:

Ernie Padaon; San DiegoHas anyone ever told you that you look like Matt Damon?Oh yeah, I’ve gotten that way too much.

I don’t think he liked that question too much. It doesn’t seem like he likes to be called Matt Damon either. Oh well, maybe we work on something else.

We can call him Jason Bourne?Bourne WaltersThe Bryan IdentityThe Bryan SupremacySaving Private BryanIf he gets cut, should we call him The Departed?

Anyway, he has to make the team before we get him a Matt Damon nickname. Just getting prepared for the possible future.