Chargers vs 49ers: What to Watch

By Ernie Padaon


Just get out of this game healthy and we should be good to start out the year. There has to be some reason to watch the game today though. Here is the list of things to watch tonight:

Bryan WaltersThis might be the last time you see him in a Bolt uniform. He is fighting for a job on the team, but there are so many good receivers on this team and there are not that many open spots.

Carl IhenachoI just want the kid to make the team, with the name of Ihenacho. That’s easy to come up with a nickname on that name. The kid is always around the ball and this is his last chance to make an impression.

Stephen CooperThis could be his last game. Can he make tackles with one arm? He should get an opportunity to play and show that he can.

Bront BirdAnother guy that has an opportunity to make the team and has to make his last impressions to AJ and Norv. He is the guy with the long hair sticking out of his helmet playing middle linebacker.