Bolts Lose But Get Into Regular Season In Good Health

By Ernie Padaon

San Diego Chargers 17 – San Francisco 49ers 20

The Bolts barely put any of their starters on offense in the game. Philip Rivers, Vincent Jackson, Mike Tolbert, Antonio Gates and a few of the other starters took the day off. The main objective on the day was to keep good health and take one last look at guys that are on the bubble.

The starting defense had most of the starters available, but the 49ers were still able to run the ball on the team. It is becoming a concern with the season coming up in a little over a week.

This game was lost with turnovers though. The offense gave up the ball 3 times with an interception and a pair of fumbles.

Next week is the REAL DEAL and we will see how this offseason preparation has worked. We better be ready to face Adrian Peterson and those Vikings!