Join the Bolt Beat Pick ‘Em and Eliminator

By Ernie Padaon

The season is a little over a week away and we already have the Bolt Beat fantasy leagues rolling. Now we are getting the Eliminator and Pigskin Pick’Em setup for Bolt Beat. You can see these groups already set up under the MISC tab above, now all we need to do is get them filled up!

The group name for each is: Bolt Beatand the password for each is: justbeatit

If you are unfamiliar with the rules, here they are:

Pigskin Pick’em (Bolt Beat)Pick the winner of every NFL game each week. Earn 1 point for each correct pick. Compete against your fellow Bolts fans and we will try and have prizes for each week.

Eliminator (Bolt Beat)Select one winner each week in an NFL game, that’s what it takes to survive in the ESPN Eliminator. Straight up, no spread, just the victor matters.

There are some tricks to the trade, however, as once you use a team, you cannot use that team again for the rest of the season. Put together the longest streak you can, with the obvious goal being to never cede your lead or miss on a pick. It’s a truly challenging campaign as the weeks wear on.