Chargers vs 49ers: Why We Could Lose (But Who Cares!)

By Ernie Padaon

Preseason game 4 and all we care about is getting out of the game without injuries. Winning and losing don’t really matter, since the starters will barely see any time. This is time for some of these youngsters to make a final impression.

Anyway, even though we don’t really care, he are reasons on why we could lose this game:

PreseasonThis will be the last time I get to use this as the top reason, but I am stoked that the games will finally mean something for the fans! The starters will play minimal time and hopefully we all get out of this without any injuries.

The run defenseThe 49ers have shown that they can’t pass the ball, but they can sure run it. Our defense has shown that they can’t really stop the run. This will be a good test for us.

Stephen CooperHe should get a lot of action in this game and he is playing with one arm. I hope that he can be awesome, but he is a middle linebacker playing with one arm. He does also look like he is a step slow.