Chargers Fantasy Football Talk and Bolt Beat Fantasy Leagues

By Ernie Padaon

First off, we have gone through a couple of our league drafts and it has been a blast! The season is close! Winners will be getting Boltbeat t-shirts and any other random stuff I collect throughout the season. You can follow along in the leagues by hitting the MISC button above and selecting the different leagues. You can see how everyone will be fighting for second place behind me!

If you wanted to join in on a league, we still needed some people for one of them. Just email me you email address at and I will send you an invite.

SO, now my fantasy advice on some of these Bolt players (of course I am biased and LOVE all my BOLTS):

Philip RiversHe is one of the best QBs in the league and he is right behind Michael Vick and Aaron Rodgers. I place him above Tom Brady and Drew Brees, just because of the San Diego bias. He is going somewhere between the first and the second round.

Ryan Mathews/Mike TolbertI love these guys, but they are not backs that you want to be counting your season on. Mathews has the most potential between the two, but he is injury prone and could see the bench if he keeps placing that ball on the floor. Mike Tolbert could be a vulture and steal the carries down near the goal line.

Vincent JacksonHe is right up there with the best in the league. Players like Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and such will be picked much higher, but can you compare their quarterbacks to Philip? VJ is determined to have a good year and is playing for a contract, he should be considered among the top receivers.

Antonio GatesThe best tight end in the league! You just need to make sure that his foot is OK. He seemed fine in the preseason game and has practiced for a couple weeks now. The foot seems good, but you better take his health into consideration.

Nate KaedingI could be doing this wrong, but I never care what kicker I have in the end. There are enough consistent kickers in the league to wait till the last pick in the draft.

DefenseCan we stop the run? If you think we can, then go ahead and pick this defense up. We will definitely get our share of sacks and hopefully we can cause some turnovers. Eric Weddle has to catch some of those balls that hit himin the hands sometime.