Chargers vs Cardinals: Hot ‘N Cold

By Ernie Padaon

It was a fun game, but it was more intense than any pre-season game should be. The defense kept giving up HUGE plays and the offense had to scrap back into it. In the end, we found a way to pull off the victory!

Here are my Katy Perry’s (Hot N Cold) for the game:

HOTDarryl Gamble: He is just always around the ball and is taking advantage of all the extra playing time he is getting. He looks like he has a roster spot locked up!

Bryan Walters: This kid does not want us to forget about him! What a SICK grab in the middle of the field to stab the tipped ball and bring it down for a reception. Then a perfect route in the end zone to get open and win the ballgame. How can you not LOVE this kid!

COLDRun Defense: Beanie Wells looked like a Pro-Bowl back against the run defense. He averaged over 6 yards a carry and

Secondary: Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best receivers in the league AND we sure made him look like it. He torched us for that 8o-yard reception and finished the game with 108 yards. Kevin Kolb threw for over 200 yards in his 2 1/2 quarters of work.

What were your hots and colds?