Chargers vs Cardinals: Why We WILL Win

By Ernie Padaon


Tomorrow is gameday and it should be a really fun one! Here are this week’s reasons on why we will win this game:

Starters play about 3 quartersThis will be the closest thing to a real game until September 11! The starters will be in past half time and that just gives this offense a chance to show off their stuff. Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson have shown that high flying attack and are ready to display it again! We should put up a lot of points!

Beanie Wells shouldn’t challenge the run defenseOur run defense might need some work, but Beanie Wells is not the type of back to offer up a challenge to this team. Donald Butler should look good in this game and quiet all the critics.

Name one person on the AZ defenseAdrian Wilson? He is trying to play with one arm just like Stephen Cooper. Is there anybody else on this defense? That can’t be good when you are facing an offense with Philip Rivers and Action Jackson.

We should put a beating down on the Cardinals, even if it is pre-season. There defense will have a tough time stopping our offense and we should be able to slow their premiere players down.