Q&A w/ Raising Zona: “you free for the next four months?”

By Ernie Padaon

I was able to talk with Scott from Raising Zona a Arizona Cardinals blog and ask him a few questions about our upcoming matchup against them. Here is what he had to say:

1. I was out in AZ this last weekend, how in the heck do you deal with that HEAT!?!?! I felt like I wanted to DIE out there!Well being a native, I’m used to it. I think. I still complain, but it does no good. As long as I don’t spend more than 15 seconds outside unless I’m in the pool, I’m good. Of course the Cards used to play in the heat island called Sun Devil Stadium. I don’t miss those days, that’s for sure.

2. What are your thoughts on all that dough your team threw at Larry Fitzgerald?I’m good with it. Some people think it set the Cards back for years. To those people, I say you’re stupid and have no knowledge of football. How can you complain about locking up the best receiver in the NFL for the next 8 years, after which he probably retires an Arizona Cardinal? I don’t get it. He’s worth every penny.

3. Do you think that Kevin Kolb will be able to revive this offense?He’ll be fine. I do understand some of the skepticism, but really, it can’t get any worse than last season.

4. Who is going to take over the running back job now that Ryan Williams is out?I don’t know – are you free for the next four months?

5. Any specific guys that are fighting for roster spots that we should keep an eye on?the #2 QB – now a three-way fight between Richard Bartel, John Skelton, and Brodie Croyle. Also, the fight for the #2 receiver, Andre Roberts and Early Doucet.

MY BREAKDOWN:SO, it sounds like the offense has Kevin Kolb and Fitz and THATS IT! They are still looking for a number 2 receiver on the team and still looking for someone to take over the running back spot with Ryan Williams going down. I would try out for the position, but I play linebacker for my flag football team, hahaha.

AND Brodie Croyle is fighting for the possible backup role. We get to see him out on the field again! This should be FUN and let’s hope (for the Cards sake) that Croyle is not relied upon too much this season.

Fitz is an awesome talent at the wide out position and it was a smart move for AZ to keep him. I just don’t like the fact that it pushes the asking price from Vincent Jackson a little higher.

Thanks Scott for your time!