Chargers Preseason Week 2 Katy Perrys (Hot N Cold)

By Ernie Padaon

Here are the hot and colds from preseason week 2 against the Cowboys. It was a nice win and there were no BIG injuries on our side. We pulled off the victory and it is time to prep for the Cardinals.


Philip Rivers – Thank goodness we have this guy running the offense! We are always a threat to score with him calling the plays and 3rd and longs are expected to be converted with him throwing the passes.

Eric Weddle – He CAUGHT the ball!!! Has someone been working on his hands? Great coverage by Weddle and we all want to see big plays like that throughout this year!

Vincent Jackson – Every second I see him on the field making plays, I can’t help but think that he is going to break some records this year!

Bob Sanders – LOVE this guy on the defensive side of the ball. He is quick to the ball and hits hard when he gets there. He will make Eric Weddle and the rest of the guys better.

Corey Liuget – Kid has been impressive. So quick off of the line and forced a fumble on his sack.

Jordan Todman – Too bad his TD got called back, but he is showing that he has the skills to be the 3rd running back on the team.


Run Defense – Felix Jones was able to do whatever he wanted and broke off big chunks of yards. The Raiders and Chiefs are licking their chops after watching that performance.

Malcom Floyd – Knocked out of the game with a concussion. Hope he is alright. He has had a history of injury problems and it’s not good to see him go down this early in the season. It seemed like he was doing OK on the sideline, so hopefully he will be able to jump back in the mix quickly.

Darryl Gamble – Remember this guy? Me neither! He disappeared and they kept showing the highlight of the offensive lineman blocking him. He had a chance to make a big play in the backfield again, but didn’t make the tackle.

Running Game – The running game kept getting stuffed, but the numbers looked much better with Ryan breaking off the touchdown run.

Mike Tolbert – I HATED seeing the ball hit the floor with that fumble. Gave me bad flashbacks of last season! We have to protect the ball when we bring the offense that far!!!