Weddle will prove he’s worth the “big bucks.”

By FanSided Staff

Safety Eric Weddle was an un-restricted free agent this past offseason; at times it looked like he had played his last game for the Chargers. Instead, the Bolts locked Weddle up to a five-year 40 million dollar contract with 19 million guaranteed. Weddle became the highest paid safety in NFL history. He’s clearly not the best active safety in the NFL, but has been a solid contributor for San Diego. Chargers new defensive coordinator Greg Manusky has said Weddle was clearly the best defender for this team a year ago. I believe he is one of the top 10 safeties in the NFL with lots of potential. He has a unique ability to help play the run while being solid in coverage. Weddle lead this 1st ranked defense with 96 tackles in the 2010 campaign.

Weddle had an obvious downfall last year and it was his in-ability to catch the ball. He dropped 6 potential interceptions in 2010. The Chargers struggled to cause turnovers and if Weddle capitalizes on a couple of the catchable picks maybe the Chargers have an extra win or two. Eric Weddle was extremely aware of his weakness and bothered by it more than anyone. He has worked countless hours trying to improve his hands. Ideally he may be a turnover machine instead of having “butter fingers.” In the 1st quarter of the preseason game against Dallas he showed off what he has been working on in the bright lights of national TV. Take a look at Weddle’s interception off Tony Romo and judge his progression for yourself.

Weddle is poised to have a great year and will be a key part to San Diego’s Super Bowl aspirations.