Reasons Why We Will Beat The ‘Boys

By Ernie Padaon

This week we face Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys! It should be a good match-up, but again it is the preseason and a lot of the work will be evaluating talent on this team and trying to escape healthy. It still feels good to leave with a victory and here are  reasons on why we will leave Dallas with that ‘W’!

1: Our talent on offense and especially in the passing game will be too much to handle for their secondary. I feel like I should be able to write this throughout the whole season! It will be interesting when we do face the Jets though, since they have some talent on the corners.

2. Cowboys playmaker Miles Austin might miss out on the game. If he is out, then Dallas only has Dez Bryant to throw to. Dallas is still trying to find a 3rd receiver!

3. Revenge of Patrick Crayton. He is going to be amped to play this game against his former team to show off our passing attack.

4. Tony Romo still might still be playing Hide-and-Seek with his bachelor party buddies. Hopefully someone finds him or he could be hiding forever.

5. We’re Better! 

Wins are nice, but getting out of Big D healthy will be the most important thing. I can’t wait till Sunday Night!