Preseason Game 2: What To Watch For

By Ernie Padaon

Sunday can’t get any closer! The fun things in preseason football is never the same things we would want to see if it were a regular season game. It is all about evaluating some of these youngsters and figuring out who makes the cut. Here is some of things that we should keep our eyes on for this next game:

Darryl GambleCan this kid electrify again?! Will he be in the backfield knocking out Felix Jones and Tony Romo? We want to see him do it again and make things happen!

Bryan WaltersFrom Cornell!! Just feels like I always have to say ‘from Cornell’ when i mention him. He is fighting hard to make it onto this team and another good performance definitely will help him out.

Larry EnglishIs he actually healthy? He will be out on the field and trying to make plays and he wants to be the starter. He better get after Tony Romo then!

Donald ButlerIs he the answer to the middle of the defense. He can solidify his spot as the starter with a good performance here. Coop is back on the roster and you know he doesn’t like the idea of sitting on the bench. There are also a few options in free agency that would look nice.

Competition at WR PostionThe spots at the top are taken, but down near the end of the bench there are some spots available for a 5th and 6th receiver. Laurent Robinson, Walters and Richard Goodman all want to impress to get a chance for those spots. They have an opportunity to steal it from Kelley Washington while he is sitting on the sidelines with an injury.