Reasons Why We COULD Lose To The Cowboys

By Ernie Padaon

Another episode of “why we COULD lose” for preseason week number deuce. This week we are traveling out to the hotness of Texas and facing Tony Romo and the ‘Boys. Is it really his team or is it Miles Austin‘s team? Dez Bryant‘s? Anyway, we are going out to play Jerry’s team!! It should be a good contest and we will get to see some of these youngsters fight for roster spots.

Here are the reasons for a possible loss this week:

1. As long as we are playing preseason games, reason number 1 will be IT’S PRESEASON! Even though Rex Ryan cares about these games, most people know that these games are used to evaluate players and it doesn’t matter if we win or lose, we just want to get out of it healthy.

2. Antoine Cason is out for the game and either Dez Bryant or Miles Austin will be matched up against rookie Marcus Gilchrist. That is going to be one big matchup issue. Both guys have premiere talent and will challenge the rookie in the first part of the game

3. The special teams may have some issues to deal with this week. Of course we still are trying to see what the coverage units can do, but Mike Scifres will have to deal with that HUGE screen hanging in the middle of the stadium. Is it considered a blocked punt if it gets rejected by the jumbotron?

Other than the jumbotron, Dez has skills returning punts and will put some pressure on our coverage units. Should be a good test!

4. When my wife is not cheering on the Bolts, she really is cheering on the Cowboys. I tried to convert her, but she still holds onto the days of Emmitt Smith and those ‘boys. Everyone knows a Cowboys fan somewhere and this is a game for bragging rights for them.

I would put more reasons down, but it is the preseason and who knows how long some of these guys will see the field. Once again, as long as we get off the field healthy, we can count that thing as a win. Tomorrow I will come out with reasons on why we will beat dem ‘boys!