Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Chargers have signed tight end Charles Davis to a one-year contract and released linebacker James Holt.

The Chargers have entered the past few NFL seasons as the favorite of many folks to make, or even win, the Super Bowl. They’ve come up short in those regards, so much so last year that they finished 9-7 and didn’t even make the playoffs. That finish has many prognosticators leaving the Chargers out of their Super Bowl picks. Not the Predictalator, however, at And probably not the Chargers themselves, either, who are just fine with flying under the preseason radar.

In late July, Mark Fabiani, Chargers mouthpiece, lamented that the new state redevelopment law could crimp the team’s plan for a massively subsidized stadium downtown. Quoth Fabiani, “We now need to find alternative sources of funding.”

In the preseason, looking at the next opponent is a bit futile, since the game will involve mostly backups trying to make the team.  But, hey, it’s preseason for writers, too, and I am getting ready for looking ahead to the opposition when the real games roll around.