And Buster Davis Is Injured Again… Surprised?

By Ernie Padaon

Guess what? Buster Davis is hurt again. I know that some of you guys don’t even care about players that have left the organization, but we always can check in on the former members of the team, especially during the preseason. We checked in and saw what Lights Out was doing earlier in the week and now we look and see what his teammate and former Bolt first round draft pick is doing.

Of course nothing has changed with Buster, he is finding ways to get injured and missing practices and missing opportunities to see the field. He is out for a week and could miss the next preseason game and that could kill his chance to make it on the roster.

I know none of the Bolt faithful are surprised, but it is just sad to see someone with such bad luck. Someone get the kid a glass of milk, it does a body good!