After Coop Signing, Are We Set At Middle Linebacker?

By Ernie Padaon

I really wonder if the Bolts are done at the middle linebacker spot after the signing of Stephen Cooper. Before we brought on Coop, we were looking for a linebacker that could be the starter in the middle of the defense next to Takeo Spikes. Why wouldn’t we still be looking for that player?

Donald Butler could be that guy, but will we really trust the middle of the defense with someone that missed all of last season with an injury and has never played a regular season game? He still is getting snaps with the special teams squad and those snaps usually don’t go to starting players.

Could we still be looking through the free agency pool for that starter? Could we possibly have a chance to have Kirk Morrison and Takeo Spikes running the middle of this defense. He is one of the top talents available at the position and has ties to San Diego. Like Spikes, he has never played in a playoff game and is HUNGRY for an opportunity.

Do you all think we are done? Is there another position that we need to focus on?