Larry English Back At Practice

By Ernie Padaon

It seems that Larry English‘s foot is getting healthier and healthier the more and more Darryl Gamble is harassing teams in the backfield. English needs to have a BIG year this coming season. There is a lot of pressure for him to perform after selecting him in the first round of the draft. In order for him to perform, we need him healthy and on the field.

We need to have his presence on the other side of Shaun Phillips, but we have depth at the position if he is not able to produce. We brought in Travis LaBoy from the 49ers and he has been taking the first team snaps with English out of camp. We also kept Antwan Barnes on the team for depth at the position. Now this Darryl Gamble kid is starting to show some hunger and excitement.

Larry it is your time and we still expect a lot out of you, don’t pull a Buster Davis on us!