Chargers Starters Strike Quick, Reserves Lose Game

By Ernie Padaon

Seahawks 24 – Chargers 17

The first team offense only played a series, but they showed their quick strike abilities and their efficiency. Philip Rivers completed 5 of his 6 passes in the game and threw for a total of 87 yards and a score. Rivers showed that he could use both Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert as passing threats out of the backfield.

The first team defense had Tavaris Jackson scrambling all over the field. He either holds onto the ball forever or our coverage was really good. I will give credit to both. The start on defense was undrafted free agent Darryl Gamble. He was in the Seahawk backfield creating havoc back there.

I help my breath every time we had to punt or have a kickoff. We escaped without getting any punts blocked and without giving up any big returns. Nate Kaeding looks like he will enjoy the new kickoff rule of moving the ball up 5 yards and he can kick it out the back of the end zone. Marcus Gilchrist did provide some drama on special teams when he muffed a punt, but he was able to pick it up. Bryan Walters went BOOM, returning a kickoff for 103 yards and the score.

The Seahawks eventually took over the game in the seond half when it was all 3rd and 4th stringers on the field and stole the win.