Reasons Why The Chargers COULD Lose To Seattle

By Ernie Padaon

It’s the preseason and I decided to give this kind of a post a try. If it doesn’t work out, I will just scrap it and head back up to the drawing board. Of course I will follow it up on a post on why the Bolts WILL kill the Seahags! Remember, the title does say “COULD” lose.Reason 1: It’s a DUMB preseason game and none of this stuff really matters. Philip Rivers will be out before the first quarter ends and Norval will be trying to get a good look at some of the players at the end of the roster because first cuts is coming real soon.

Reason 2: Charlie Clipboard. You know Charlie Whitehurst wants to come out and impress his old boss. I think we have more faith in him than his own team does. I still love that we ripped them off on that trade!

Reason 3: Pete Carroll asked the fans to call the Seahawks very first play of the game. I really have nothing to follow this for a reason that they could win, but I just felt like mentioning it again.

Reason 4: Leon Washington. There is just something about this dude that finds a way to stick it to us! What did we ever do to Leon?

Reason 5: Until we actually show that our special teams improved, special teams will be on this list. Coach Bisaccia will get his first chance to show the fans what he brought to this team and we better LOVE it.

Maybe they could beat us, but does it really matter? As long as we leave this game without any injuries and getting a good evaluation on our players, then we won the game. Coming next, Why We Will Put A BOLTBEATIN on the Seahags!