5 reasons why the Chargers could be the next L.A. team.

By FanSided Staff

After looking into the new scheme fit for teams potentially heading to Los Angeles in 2012, there were a few characteristics that lined up perfectly making the Chargers a direct fit.

1.Selling share ownershipSan Diego Chargers Owner Dean Spanos has been willing to sell roughly a 1/4 to 1/3 share of the team. Oddly enough, AEG is looking to obtain 30% ownership of whatever team chooses to call L.A. home.

2.Chargers lease early terminationAEG needs to have a team locked in to fill the stadium and city of Los Angeles by Spring of 2012. Oddly enough the San Diego Chargers could attempt an early termination between February 1st and May 1st this year. The Chargers are contracted through 2020 in San Diego but have the option to terminate early through financial compensation.

3.Ticket sales/BlackoutsOne of the more frustrating aspects of being a Chargers fan is that when the news rolls out each week “San Diego Chargers potential blackout” appears much too often. The tickets sales for the Chargers are not the lowest of all NFL teams, but with a loaded city of deprived fans in Los Angeles and die-hard fans from San Diego willing to commute it could make for heavy ticket sales in a brand new stadium.

4.Unlikely new SD stadiumSan Diego fans, players, owners, and coaches have been proposing a new stadium for quite some time. Oddly enough, it does not appear to have any light at the end of that tunnel. Qualcomm can only occupy for so much longer.

5.SD history with AEGThe San Diego Chargers have a solid history of working with AEG. For the 2003 and 2004 seasons the Bolts held their training camp at an AEG owned facility in Carson, CA.

Does this mean that the Bolts are packing up after the season to find a new home in L.A.? Not necessarily! But it sure does prove that we as Charger fans cannot dismiss the idea of it.