Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

The veteran wide receiver’s services were sought after by several teams, but not at the price he was looking for. It dropped a bit and, late last week, the Baltimore Ravens became the front-runner to sign him.

Limbaugh was getting animated when yapping that a senator said the Tea Party scored a moral victory during the debt-ceiling debate. Limbaugh, as he deftly does, blew a gasket.

“In the run game, for example, you have a particular shade on your nose covering the guard or however it’s going to fit up, and then the linebacker is moving. He goes from one position to the next based on our motion in the backfield. Wherever he finishes up, it determines how steep our angles are going to be with each other and who is expected to come off. We know that.

SAN DIEGO — The Chargers had months to plan for the end of the NFL lockout.

MISSION VALLEY — Now that the NFL has settled its labor dispute, San Diego Chargers Fan Fest lured football enthusiasts back to Qualcomm Stadium on Saturday morning to get a peek at an official Bolts practice session.