Osi’s Price Tag Drops To A 2nd Round Pick. Time For AJ To Make His Move

By Ernie Padaon

The New York Giants have dropped the price tag for Osi Umenyiora from a 1st round draft pick to a 2nd round draft pick now. There are rumors that the Ravens already have a 3rd round pick on the table. With the Giants rolling back the prices another team’s name started to surface: the New England Patriots. We need him on our team to improve our pass rush and we need to keep him away from the Ravens and Pats now.

Phil made some good points in his comments from yesterday’s Osi post:

A 2nd Rd pick for Osi Umenyiora makes a lot of sense right now. They would move him to OLB in the 3-4 and he’d probably start opposite Shaun Phillips. Barnes and Laboy are backups and I think you have to make English earn his stipes as opposed to just handing him the job like it seems the Chargers are doing.

If you think about the OLBs that were available in the 2nd round of the draft last year– Akbaar, Houston,ect. Umenyiora is better and has more upside than all those guys so a 2nd round (and maybe a 5th or 6th) would be worth the price. – @kencaminiti21

Time to make our move!


Newark Star-Ledger reports Osi Umienyora no longer allowed to seek trade. #Shockerless than a minute ago via OpenBeak Favorite Retweet ReplyS.D. U-T ChargerssdutChargers

So, he it says he is no longer allowed to seek trade, but does that mean that the Giants are no longer looking to trade him?