Ryan Mathews Missing Practice Due To “Soreness”

By Ernie Padaon

Looking over Acee’s tidbits for Sunday, he mentions that Ryan Mathews is missing practice with what Norval describes as “SORENESS.” This comes the day after Acee writes about Mathwews struggling in his conditioning.

This is not stuff that we want to hear about our number 1 pick from last year that we traded all kinds of stuff to move up and draft. This is not stuff that we want to hear about from our running back that is coming off of a disappointing year.

Conditioning comes in the 4th quarter of games. That is winning time! If we have the lead in the game, then we will want to pound it out with the running game and kill that clock. If we are behind, we are moving that ball up the field through the air and the running back will be used to block in the backfield to give Philip extra time to get it down field.

This lockout was going to hurt some players and most experts believed it would hurt the second year guys the most. Right now, it looks like Ryan is one of the guys that is sucking wind and trying to play catch up. Hopefully he gets his legs and is ready for the season, because we do not want to hear the lockout as an excuse. We will all be watching him closely during the preseason.