The Pats Added Haynesworth and Ocho Cinco… Are You Worried?

By Ernie Padaon

The big talk from yesterday is that the New England Patriots added both Fat Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ocho Cinco onto their team. With these additions onto their team, fans want to see the Bolts make a move and bring in someone else. The fans want to keep up with the Joneses! Am I worried?


Do we really think that Albert Haynesworth is going to be in shape after a lockout? Remember when Shawn Kemp came back from the NBA lockout a million years ago? He came back as a balloon and I don’t think Haynesworth spent his whole offseason preparing to be on the Patriots. Albert was a good player years ago and has not done jack since signing a fat contract.

As far as Ocho Cinco, he is a clown. He was out shined in performance last year by Terrell Owens! I am sure he will be motivated and he will do better with Tom Brady at the controls, but it doesn’t scare me. Their team got a little better, but they are not running away with the title.

We are still here! Our team is getting better and we have a couple of holes to fill. Mainly we need a number 2 wide receiver and a middle linebacker. I would love for M80 to surprise and sign back with us and would love to see Nick Barnett brought in to play the middle linebacker spot. We make those moves and we are competing for the top of the AFC food chain.

Side Note: If we got Ocho Cinco I would probably be going NUTTY! I guess it is a double standard. Also, I would be more scared if the Jets pull off this deal with Nnamdi. Let’s see what we can do today!