Steve Smith Is Off The Trading Block

By Ernie Padaon

At this time, Steve Smith is off of the trading block. There have been a lot of rumors of Smitty asking for a trade to either the Ravens or the Chargers, but that has been put on hold:

No trade for Steve Smith staying with Panthers. Met with Panthers GM last night and will be in camp tomorrowless than a minute ago via Tweetbot for iPhone Favorite Retweet ReplyMichael Lombardimichaelombardi

With Malcom Floyd possibly changing jerseys soon, the Chargers will need to look in a different direction for a veteran wide receiver to add to the roster.

Here is what the depth chart looks like right now:Vincent JacksonPatrick CraytonVincent BrownSeyi AjirotutuRichard Goodman

There is a lot of inexperience in that unit and AJ likes to have depth all around the roster. I don’t see him leaving this unit untouched. We know that Philip just needs someone that can catch a football, but it helps if they can run good routes and read the opposing defense. I believe that we will go after a veteran wide receiver somewhere.