We Will Miss You Darren “Lightning Bug” Sproles

By Ernie Padaon

Tonight, Darren Sproles signed with the New Orleans Saints. We all knew his time was coming and we will all miss that little running back. He shook his way through the defense and ran past defenders. He stood at the height of Philip Rivers‘ knees, but we knew that he would find ways to make defenders miss and he knew how to find the edges. He is all guts and gets hit by men 3 times bigger than him. He was the best blocker of our running backs and he electrified the field during punt and kickoff returns.

He didn’t have that same burst last year and he may be running out of time in the league, but we will always love him. We all wish him the best and hope he does well with Drew Brees in New Orleans. It is just too bad he won’t be here when we win the championship this year.

Love you Sproles and hope to see you back around town!

What is your favorite Darren Sproles memory?