Kevin Burnett Is Looking For A Rich Deal

By Ernie Padaon

According to Kevin Acee’s article this morning, Starting inside linebacker Kevin Burnett could be pricing his way out of San Diego:

It would be nice to have Burnett starting in the middle playing next to Takeo Spikes, but if he wants to wait and find that money, then the Bolts should move forward. This offseason is short and there is not much time to fool around. Spikes is signed and ready to play!

We need to figure out who the other starting middle linebacker is going to be and get them in and ready! There are some very good linebackers that are available on the market if Burnett finds a new home. Kirk Morrison and Nick Barnett would both look good in the middle of the defense. Kevin Burnett would be best if we want to keep some continuity on the defensive side of the ball, but Barnett and Morrison might be better players. Any one of those guys would look freat in the middle of the defense.

We want to know who will be playing next to Spikes!